Perpetual Places


An Ancient Art Puzzle

Perpetual Primitives is Ümair Zia’s first game project. The title comes from the shared dream of the three ancient human civilizations: Regeneration. In this fictional account of perpetual places of the past, Ümair combines the architectural systems of the three megastructures with a common aspiration to regenerate power. Each of these megastructures utilizes perpetual motion technology to perform its building functions endlessly. The game is full of surprises and puzzling mysteries. It is no easy feat to put the pieces of the forgotten megastructures together. For there are hidden lessons and discoveries that may alter both the future and the past.      

Umair Zia Perpetual Places_Game

The following three megastructures are visualized in this art puzzle.

Perpetual Places 02- Umair Zia Web
| The Great Bath of Mohenjodaro (Indus Valley Civilization) uses the principle of Boyle’s Flask to recycle and regenerate the running water of the pool.
| Shell Gold + Pen & Ink on Paper
Umair Zia architect nca
| The Pyramid of Giza (Ancient Egyptian Civilization) uses a circular magnet to regenerate power that glows the tip of the pyramid.
| Shell Gold + Pen & Ink on Paper
Perpetual Places 03- Umair Zia Web
| The Colosseum of Rome (Ancient Roman Civilization) uses a regenerative mechanical scoreboard that has a perpetual pendulum.
| Shell Gold + Pen & Ink on Paper

There are three ways to experience the project.

Preorder the Game Set

Puzzle - Umair Zia

The game set contains three art puzzles, literature, and a regenerative art manual.

Order the Art Prints

Poster Umair Zia

Limited edition high-resolution art prints are available for preorder. They have the dimensions of 20″ X 28″.

Buy the Original Art

Art - Umair Zia

All three original artworks are on sale. Each artwork is prepared with shell gold + pen & ink on paper, is framed*, and has the dimensions of 20″ X 28″ (excluding frame) each.

*The design of the frame will be confirmed upon approval of the client.